Jurgen Klopp’s agent hints at potential move to Liverpool [Spox]

Jurgen Klopp recently left Borussia Dortmund after an incredibly successful seven year stint at the club.

He is set to take a sabbatical but his agent, speaking to spox.com, offered some very interest quotes regarding a potential move to Liverpool.

Despite not saying Liverpool directly, Marc Kosicke admitted that the Premier League interests Jurgen Klopp and noted that it’s not just the top 4 teams.

“The Premier League is very exciting,” said Klopp’s agent. “And we don’t only mean the top four. There are other great clubs below them.”

This is almost certainly directed at Liverpool FC, a club currently managed by Brendan Rodgers – a man who will be under serious scrutiny throughout his fourth season at Anfield.

Klopp’s agent did confirm that the 47 year old manager needed a break from the game, admitting that Klopp wants to be “single” because it is “difficult to dive into the next relationship after two big loves.

If things don’t turn around for Brendan Rodgers this season, Liverpool fans would love to see the eccentric Jurgen Klopp in charge at the helm.