Jumping on the back of Religion: Espen Nystuen (Sandefjord)

As the long summer bare of football continues Scandinavia manages to throw up gems to keep hungry football fans satisfied. The latest incident to grab the headlines in northern Europe came from the meeting between Stromsgodset and Sandefjord in Norway’s Tippeligaen last weekend.

The controversy stemmed from a scrappy goal scored by Sandefjord’s Admir Rascic after just five minutes of the match. After the ball hit the net Rascic, along with fellow Bosnian teammate Fenan Salcinovicran, ran to the side of the pitch to celebrate in classic Islamic fashion by kneeling on the floor and placing their faces on the turf.

Cue the ill-advised interruption by Espen Nystuen.

With Salcinovicran in his kneeling position, teammate Nystuen opted to try to make a funny by dry-humping his teammate in full view of the TV cameras. As may have been expected from the politically correct Norwegians the joke totally backfired with Nystuen since having had to both apologise for his behaviour as well as denying rumours that he is gay.

Espen Nystuen’s dry-humping of Fenan Salcinovicran can be seen here.

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