Juan Zuniga explains Neymar injury, ‘I didn’t mean to hurt him, I was defending my shirt’; doesn’t actually apologize [Video]

Credit to Colombia’s Juan Zuniga, he manned up and faced the press in the mixed zone last night, after not only losing and getting knocked out, but also carrying the responsibility of injuring Brazil’s golden boy, Neymar.

Interviewed by ESPN Brasil, Zuniga explained what happened, though he almost made a point about not formally apologizing; the word ‘sorry’ never came from his mouth, as in his worldview, as he explains, these things can happen on the pitch.

‘It was a play, a moment in the match where you’re defending your shirt…you don’t go in there thinking you’re going to fracture his spine, or whatever they’re saying now.

It was a play where I was defending my shirt and my country, and…that’s it.

Asked by the reporter how he feels about the injury to Neymar, Zuniga replied:

‘….Well, for me….before I go in there for that play to mark him, I’m not thinking about hurting him. I go in defending my shirt as I’ve always said.

Unfortunately, this happened (Neymer injury), and let’s hope that with the help of God he will recover.’

A token ‘S0rry’ wouldn’t have killed him, would it?

(Translation by Paul Morrissey)