Jose Mourinho was delighted Kyle Walker played right wing for Spurs at Chelsea

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is often more candid and open with the in-house TV channel of the Premier League leaders after big games.

And so it proved on Saturday evening, as Mourinho opened up to Chelsea TV and former Blues and Spurs defender Jason Cundy about the tactics employed in the 4-0 victory on Saturday.

Mourinho described how he felt Emmanuel Adebayor had been trying to pull John Terry and Gary Cahill out wide to allow Aaron Lennon some space in and around the box.

And, The Special One had an intriguing critique of Tim Sherwood’s tactics – wondering why Kyle Walker played right wing.

Mourinho makes the comments around the 2:25 mark on the video above: “For us it was very good Walker played right winger because when he plays right back I have to control it in a different way. And I have to give a defensive job to my left winger. When Walker plays against Azpilicueta, he was in the pocket! Was good for us!”