Jose Mourinho trolls old foe Mancini: ‘Drogba was let down by Galtasaray tactics’ [Video]

Ever since Jose Mourinho took over from Roberto Mancini’s Inter Milan side, and then guided them to Champions League glory without offering a modicum of credit to the Italian, there’s been little love lost between the pair.

And Mou took the opportunity to lay the boot in on Mancini after his Chelsea side comfortably saw off Galatasaray last night.

Returning hero Drogba had a disappointing night, but Jose wasn’t going to see the Ivorian blamed for that; rather, he blamed it on Mancini’s tactics, saying Drogba was on a mission impossible, isolated on his own up front.

Of course, the irony is that those are the exact tactics Drogba played with the year Chelsea won the Champions League.