Jose Mourinho has signed a deal with Manchester United [Jornal de Noticias]

jose mourinho, jornal de noticias, april 2016

Another day, another story about Jose Mourinho and Manchester United in the will they, won’t they saga of the season. Although this one has a bit of weight behind it, we’re informed.

Jornal de Noticias is one of Portugal’s biggest newspapers and their front page today bellows: Jose Mourinho has signed for Manchester. With his best pal Pep rocking up at the Etihad, they can only be talking about United.

Sporting Witness divulge the details in a story on their website today. Mourinho has been watching United closely to get an idea of what he wants to do with the squad that he’ll inherit. Should he wish to flog a batch of players he deems surplus to requirements then he has permission to do so with transfer matters being fully in his hands.

The newspaper previously reported that Mourinho had been hatching plans with his assistant/minion Rui Faria about which players he could bring to Old Trafford with certain talents based in Portugal being mooted.