Jose Mourinho says Brendan Rodgers congratulated him after Chelsea win at Liverpool [video]

“They parked two buses, rather than one. From the first minute they had 10 men behind the ball. We were the team trying to win but we just couldn’t make the breakthrough.” – Brendan Rodgers after Liverpool 0 – Chelsea 2.

Its fair to say Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers was pretty calm in his assessment of the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

Especially, when you consider how some Liverpool fans reacted.

But, Jose Mourinho claimed in his pre-Atletico Madrid press conference that Rodgers had called up his former boss to congratulate Chelsea on their victory.

Of real interest was what could be seen as a patronising comment from Mourinho at the end of the video above.

“He [Rodgers] watched the match for sure on video and now I think he understood what happened.”

Which suggests Mourinho believes Rodgers will be better for the experience, which can only be good news for Liverpool.