Jose Mourinho reiterates anti-Chelsea media bias on Football Focus, devises his rules of punditry [Video]

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho recently articulated his feelings on the inherent anti-Chelsea bias in the English media, with so many pundits on the circuit being ex-Liverpool and Man United (though he conveniently forgot about Ruud Gullit and Ray Wilkins).

The Chelsea boss reiterated his belief on his appearance on Football Focus this weekend, the teaser of which can be seen below.

Mourinho joked that once he retires, he sees himself sitting on the Match of the Day couch, if only to fly the flag for poor little Chelsea, who need a strong voice on the circuit.

Jose , clearly in his element, then devised his own set of punditry rules which he would adhere to:

– Chelsea always deserve to win

– Chelsea always the best team

– Every refereeing decision was against Chelsea

– The Man of the Match was a Chelsea player

As the host joked, it sounds a bit like his current job…