Jose Mourinho is grilled by a group of kids (video)

Showing off his softer side, Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho yesterday sat down in front of a well-prepared posse of kids as the Special One answered questions on the Paolo Bonolis’s TV show.

Happily, James Horncastle from Football Italia has gone about translating the interview in which the young whippersnappers quizzed Jose on his salary, Mourinho’s unfriendly persona, swearing and training women.

As explained by Horncastle, “one of the kids took a particular interest in Mourinho’s status as one of the highest earning trainers in football, asking if he gets paid even when Inter don’t win. Mourinho replied: “Usually the Coaches earn more when they have been sacked than when they are working, but I prefer to work than earn more.”

On his sour personality, Mourinho joked “hopefully I laugh when I sleep and I have no need to do so after,” while Mourinho also admitted that he swears a little too much and would never train a team of women.

Mourinho: “Yes, I say swear words with my players and with my assistants when I am angry… I don’t see myself training a women’s team, because it’s already difficult training men and it would be even more so with women.”

Jose Mourinho’s interview with the Italian children can be seen here.