Jose Mourinho is a secret Bryan Adams fan & would use 3 wishes to make Vilanova better

Football Overload TV is Malaysia’s rather awful attempt to fuse Soccer AM with a kiddy friendly atmosphere, however the show did manage to score a scoop at the weekend by interviewing the Special One, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho, the Chelsea boss, took part is a laid-back chat with one of the show’s young female hosts, but rather than really talk shop Jose was asked a series of more general, lifestyle questions.

In doing so, Football Overload TV managed to prise some interesting information from Chelsea’s manager.

The first nugget related to Mourinho’s musical preferences, as the Portuguese boss announced that he’s a big Bryan Adams fan.

After putting that embarrassment to one side, Mourinho then struck a chord with Barcelona fans as the former Real Madrid boss said he’d use one of three  magical wishes in making sure Tito Vilanova made a speedy recovery from cancer.

Watch Jose Mourinho’s interview below.