Jose Mourinho interview at FWA gala: “I am more English than some English people” [video]

Fresh from Chelsea’s win over Manchester United on Sunday, Jose Mourinho was presented with an award by the Football Writers Association at the Savoy Hotel.

As if the fawning over Mourinho from the media wasn’t over the top enough, ever since he returned to Chelsea, this took it a step further.

“The Special One” was allowed to wax lyrical on a number of subjects with the quote below the stand out cheese from a man who knows how to play the media better than anyone.

Quite how he can say he “attacks the divers” after some of the antics from his Chelsea side this season, not to mention Porto when he was in charge, is beyond us.

Mourinho: “It is quite funny as sometimes I feel I am more English than some English people. When I attack the divers, when I protected the aggressiveness, when I defend the cups, when I play my best teams in every cup match because I feel it is important. When I speak against myself and say there are too many foreign managers in the country and that British managers also deserve the big jobs and the big clubs in the country. Sometimes I feel I am more English than some English because I defend the country and English football a lot, but I do it because I feel it.”