Jose Mourinho hails ‘friend’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ‘Just a pity he never played in the best league in the world’

It’s often forgotten, but two of the game’s great super egos, Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, shared a dressing room at Inter for one season, before Zlatan left for Barcelona.

And on the eve of the reunion of this meeting of the minds, with Chelsea playing PSG in the Champions League quarters, Mourinho has hailed his ‘friend’ as one of the greats.

Dismissing the perception of Zlatan as a difficult character, Mourinho says he never had a single problem with the Swede, and that it’s his giant ego that makes him the player that he is.

Mourinho did finish, as is his wont, with a cheeky parting shot, lamenting that Zlatan never came to the ‘best league in the world’, so his CV will always be missing ‘the best league trophy in the world’.

Watch Mourinho’s Zlatan love-in on the clip below.