Jose Mourinho big ups ‘leader’ and Chelsea captain John Terry: ‘He’s my voice on the pitch’

John Terry is rejuvenated under returning boss Jose Mourinho.

Terry, who became one of the best defenders in the world under Mourinho’s tutelage during the Portuguese’s first Chelsea era, has been lifted no end by the return of the Special One, and is arguably back to his very best after a few years on the road to perdition.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Mourinho, who really big upped his captain at today’s presser, while also confirming JT will start against Everton this weekend.

The Chelsea boss eulogized Terry for his reliability; being a player who makes so few errors giving Chelsea an assured stability and foundation.

Mourinho also alluded to Terry’s ability to be his eyes, ears and voice on the pitch, transmitting his message to his troops when he can’t.