Mourinho answers question on Casillas by quoting a journalists article from “years ago”

Naturally, the love-in between Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho has dominated the build-up to Real Madrid v Galatasaray but there was another intriguing spat between The Special One and a journalist during the pre-match presser.

Radio journalist Fernando Burgos from “Onda Cero,” a man known to be close to Iker Casillas, asked Mourinho why Real Madrid have kept only one clean sheet in 12 matches.

Mourinho answered: “This goalkeeper [Diego López, Casillas’s replacement] is playing in a way that only someone who is not impartial could criticise. I have some words of yours from some years ago.”

The former Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan coach then pulled out a scrap of paper with Fernando Burgos’ words on and read them out.

“Player X plays by decree. I do not accept players playing by decree or others not playing however well or badly they are playing. A coach cannot do that. A player cannot be starter because of his status. The medals he has won in the past cannot mean that he is in the lineup. It should not be a problem for the players who aren’t the best form to play, no matter what they are called. We should play with those on the best form, not those with the longest history.”

Video in Spanish of the incident can be seen below, followed by a clip with English voice over from Mourinho’s pre Galatasaray presser.