Jose Mourinho accuses Negredo of trying to get Matic sent off during Man City 0 – Chelsea 1

Simulation is very much the topic of the day in English football, what with Chico Flores’ Oscar nominated performance for his role in helping get Andy Carroll sent off last week.

Mourinho’s now added his grain of salt to the mix, by bringing in another example that only he spotted during Chelsea’s win at Man City last Monday.

Mourinho is adamant that City striker Negredo was trying to get Matic sent off by clutching his face after a nothing challenge, and has called on such acts to be punished:

”I think that simulation has to be punished the same way the aggression is punished. I don’t know if you noticed that but, in the game of Man City, I had an exchange of words with one of the City players.

I was not happy because he was trying to get Matic sent off.

“He [Negredo] knew he [Matic] had a yellow card. Matic jumped just in front of me in a very clean way, and the other guy immediately [holds his face].

He knew Matic had a yellow card already. [Referee] Mike Dean, the fourth official and the linesman were all there. They decided between them no yellow card.”

The notion of punishing this kind of behaviour is a noble one, but how to expect one man to police such nuanced acts among all of his other officiating duties?