Jose Bosingwa is a dirty cheat

For all the criticism levelled at referee Mike Riley today after his useless display at Anfield on Sunday, arguably the bigger villain of the hour is Chelsea full-back Jose Boswingwa, who may yet face disciplinary action for his disgusting kick in the back of Liverpool’s Yossi Benayoun.

The incident occurred in the final minutes of the match. After Fernando Torres broke the deadlock in the 89th minute, substitute Benayoun had the opportunity to waste away a few crucial seconds by holding the ball up right by the corner flag, under the noses of the Kop and the linesman.

Sticking his backside out and using his upper-body strength, Benayoun was able to fend off the advances of Didier Drogba, who was buzzing around trying unsuccessfully to regain possession for the Blues.

Jose Bosingwa had other ideas.

In an episode more accustomed to a Thai boxing ring, the Portuguese full-back lost his head, charging into the back of the Israeli and thrusting his boot into the back of Liverpool’s number 15. It is brutal, unnecessary and worthy of a straight red card.

Yet amazingly, despite the linesman standing on top of the incident and the referee just yards away, no action was taken and the play was allowed to continue.

Hopefully this situation will be rectified in the coming days and Bosingwa will receive the punishment he so richly deserves.

Jose Bosingwa’s flithy foul can be seen here.