Jonathan Walters jokingly tweets about deserving more money than Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling’s contract rejection was the week’s biggest story in English football, and we certainly haven’t heard the end of it just yet.

With Sterling deciding to stall his contract talks until the end of the season, speculation is rife that both Chelsea and Arsenal are ready to swoop for the 20-year old.

There’s been a massive public backlash to Sterling’s decision to ‘reject’ the 100 Grand-a-week contract, even though technically he hasn’t quite rejected it, merely postponing a decision for the time being.

The majority of Liverpool fans, and the football-going public at large, have labeled Sterling a ‘money-grabbing mercenary’, outraged that a footballer could have the sheer audacity to refuse such a princely sum.

The Daily Mai, predictably, have latched onto that ‘greedy footballer’ narrative, and today penned an incendiary piece, excoriating Sterling for his so-called greed.

They rather facetiously compared his goal ratio with the workmanlike journeyman Jonathan Walters, highlighting that Sterling has just 6 goals to the Stoke man’s 10.

Facetiously, given that Sterling isn’t actually a striker, and has even been played at wing-back this season – but hey, that wasn’t going to get in the way of the Mail’s story.

Walters clearly enjoyed being mentioned in the same breath as one of English football’s brightest talents, and jokingly tweeted that by the Mail’s logic, he now wants 120,000 pounds a week.