Jonathan Pearce’s cringeworthy ‘Yeah Baby’ commentary as Mike Myers was spotted at Liverpool v Fulham

Comedian Mike Myers was at Liverpool on Saturday to take in his first game at Anfield since 1975. Apparently.

The appearance of Austin Powers on Merseyside was picked up by all and sundry, and that included Match of the Day commentator Jonathan Pearce.

Like a dad embarrassing their kids trying to be cool with the lingo of the youth, Pearce referenced the Hollywood A-lister’s Anfield appearance in cringeworthy fashion as the middle-aged BBC employee said “Yeah Baby!” on camera.

Moreover, what was noticeable was that the Austin Powers reference really had little to do with the subject matter at hand (Pearce was just talking about how Myers’ father’s ashes sprinkled on the Mersey river), while the commentator said his line in more of an Elvis Presley style than the British spoof spy hero.

Watch Jonathan Pearce’s cringeworthy “Yeah Baby” commentary below.