Joleon Lescott proves infamous Car Tweet was a total accident in Times interview


Speaking to the Times in a forthright interview today, Joleon Lescott has cleared up the infamous car tweet sent from his account last Sunday.

The defender found himself embroiled in a classic case of public Twitter shaming last weekend, after a picture of a sports car was sent from his Twitter account.

Fans wouldn’t react well to that Tweet at the best of times, so when you factor in that Aston Villa had just been smashed 6-0 at home by Liverpool, it wasn’t surprising to see Lescott suffer a backlash.

But here’s the thing: the Tweet was a total accident; he didn’t mean to send it.

He explained afterwards that the picture was tweeted with the phone in his pocket, and that he was not crassly tweeting a picture of a car in the wake of a defeat just to display his wealth ostentatiously.

He essentially proves it was an accident in this Times interview, explaining that the car isn’t even his, but a young teammates.

“I don’t own that car. I wouldn’t tweet that picture. A young player, a friend of mine said: ‘I’m thinking of getting this car, what do you think?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘it’s a nice car but be careful because the insurance might be high.’

That was the only reason the picture was on my phone. Whether things have gone well or not, I’d never tweeted. There was no comment on the tweet. Just a picture. I don’t see why people don’t believe it was a genuine mistake.