Jokes! Finnish pranksters The Dude Sons re-enact Luis Suarez bite with strangers on the street [Video]

It’s officially open season on Luis Suarez.

After the Liverpool striker’s biting recidivism last Tuesday, he’s become the laughing stock of the football world, with memes, photoshops, and now pranks being acted out in his name.

The Dude Sons, a sort of Finnish ‘Jackass’ or ‘Dirty Sanchez’, got straight to it, and headed out onto the streets in Finland to re-enact Suarez’s bite on Chiellini.

The prankster started dribbling a ball around the street, and then suddenly leaped on unsuspecting strangers’ shoulders with a mock bite (though sometimes he looked really like he was truly biting!).

The dude follows it up just as Suarez did – by going down clutching his teeth and feigning injury.

He got some interesting reactions from the Finnish women he tried the prank on, and the police…