Jokes! An Arsenal fan covers himself in jam after betting against Bendtner scoring v Cardiff [Pictures]

James ‘Raul’ Stökes, aka @_ArmchairGooner, is a man of his word.

Prior to the Gunners New Year’s Day match with Cardiff at the Emirates, James Stokes foolishly took to Twitter to announce:

As we all now know, Bendtner did indeed fire Arsenal to another massive three points with an 89th minute opener for Arsene Wenger’s team in the 2-0 win over the Dragons, and after the full-time whistle below, the Armchair Gooner knew what was coming. Having made his public declaration the Arsenal fan refused to welch on his self-imposed bet, and low and behold the Arsenal fan duly covered himself in jam as a forfeit. See tweets pictures of James ‘Raul’ Stökes covering himself in jam after betting against Bendtner below.