Liverpool MD Ian Ayre’s bungled Konoplyanka operation gets the Downfall spoof video treatment!

Far from an original concept – taking the infamous Hitler going mental scene from Downfall and inserting subtitles over the German to suit a narrative – this clip on Liverpool’s bungled transfer deadline day is undeniably pretty funny.

The clip plays on many ‘Pool fans belief that MD Ian Ayre can’t cut the mustard when it comes to signing players in pressure situations, having lost out on Willian and Salah, and now, apparently, Konoplyanka.

Ayre spent the last 3 days in Ukraine trying to thrash out the deal, and the lack of a killer instinct from the MD has gotten on Liverpool fan’s goat.

With plenty of good gags, it’s a well crafted and pretty funny video, that actually proved quite portentous, as it was made early on Friday afternoon, long before the failed transfer coup was confirmed.

The highlight is undoubtedly the moment when John Henry (Hitler in the clip) is informed that Liverpool have been hijacked by Spurs once again…