Johan Cruyff: ‘It’s been 4 years since the manager made the decisions at Barcelona’ [Video]

Winner of 4 titles and the club’s first ever European Cup with the Dream Team, Johan Cruyff’s words still carry weight around Barcelona.

The highly opinionated Dutchmen told the Spanish press some of his feelings about what’s gone wrong at the Catalan club in the wake of their Champions League defeat to Atletico.

And Cruyff was pretty damning about the prevailing culture of player power which currently reigns at Can Barca.

Asked about Martino, Cruyff replied: ‘He’s doing what he can, but…in football the manager has to lead…and the managers hasn’t been the one making the decisions at Barcelona for four years now’.


The four year hypothesis would take us back to 2010, when…Pep Guardiola was still in charge, one year before his second Champions League triumph at the helm.

So what is Cruyff trying to say? That Guardiola wasn’t making the decisions even at the height of their success? Seems a bit far-fetched….perhaps he got his dates mixed up?