Joey Barton widens his online presence with a brand new website & YouTube channel

Joey Barton is leading the field in social online interaction once again.

For ages now Barton has been blazing a trail on Twitter. He’s spat fire at Alan Shearer, those people from The Only Way Is Essex, John Terry, David Beckham, Emmanuel Frimpong, etc. and so on.

But Barton has ambitions of creating a much larger digital footprint, and overnight he launched live a brand new website and YouTube channel.

From a design standpoint, Barton’s website (boringly named is pretty in-your-face. The large header makes a loud statement, which is backed-up by the tag-line that includes retina-grabbing words like “ex-con”, “anti-celebrity” and “king”. That garishness, however, looks bold and inviting.

Barton also lets you know why his site exists:

This is my place to share what I think and hear what you think back. I want to shine a light on some of the things that matter most to me and open up a bit of debate. You never know, together we might even help change something.

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If you’re a troll with no purpose or value beyond casual 4-letter abuse, join a few bed-fellows onTwitter, it’s easier for you there, go knock yourself out.

Content-wise, the site is chockablock. There is the opinion page ‘Joey On…’, a QPR page, a ‘Have Your Say’ page, an ‘In the Media’ page, and a blog which include a handful of brand new Barton interview videos.

As you may expect, Barton doesn’t fanny around when he’s on camera, and his first batch of interviews included thoughts on preparing for the new season after his 12 match ban.

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Click below the fold to see Barton dish dirt on his QPR teammates.

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