Joey Barton Tweets that the “jury is still firmly out” on Neymar

It is turning into one of the most famous football Tweets of all time, and you suspect Joey Barton could be forced to eat his words over and over again in the coming years.

During Brazil’s 2-1 defeat to England at Wembley, in February, where Neymar was by his standards poor, Joey Barton Tweeted the following:

At the time many football fans, in England at least, were in agreement with the Marseille midfielder but the tide has certainly changed in recent weeks.

After a big money move to Barcelona, Neymar has convinced many in Blighty that he is not just a  “YouTube player.”

With the Confederations Cup on terrestrial TV in England, Neymar has shot up in everyone’s consciousness, scoring three excellent goals in three Brazil wins during the group stages.

Nevertheless, Joey Barton remains unconvinced as two Tweets tonight illustrate.

After the Barton Tweets is a GIF of Neymar’s latest brilliant goal – a fabulous free-kick that put Brazil 2-1 up v Italy in an eventual 4-2 victory.