Joey Barton sparks debate while mocking Fergie’s book: ‘Steven Gerrard was streets ahead of Roy Keane’

Sir Alex Ferguson is taking flak left, right and centre for his controversial new book, My Autubiography.

It’s surprisingly taken him two days to get up on his soap box, but professional polemicist Joey Barton has now weighed in, saying Fergie’s ‘making a right mug of himself’ with statements like ‘Steven Gerrard was not a top, top player’.

Barton, like many, finds the claim frankly ridiculous, and even goes so far as to say Gerrard was better than Fergie’s midfield general Roy Keane in their respective pomps, arguing that Keane was surrounded by the best in the world at United, while Gerrard was often surrounded by journeymen.

It’s an interesting argument, but his follow up, that Keane didn’t reproduce the same form for Ireland, is simply untrue.

Does he have an overall point though? Was Gerrard at his peak better than Keane at his peak?