Joey Barton leads the backlash against England’s new £90 shirt: “Costs about £2… in some sweatshop” [Tweets]

England have officially released images their new kit for the 2014 World Cup and, as may have been expected, not everyone is impressed.

The biggest gripe being levelled at the new England kit is that it’s basically a white t-shirt with a few badges on it, that is being sold for the huge price of £90.

Leading the backlash against the kit is QPR midfielder Joey Barton, who appears to have positioned himself as the voice of the average punter faced with shelling out such a big price for the strip.

Barton, pulling no punches, has slammed the England kit as a rip off, making comments like:

Appalling. In my opinion. Football again allows commercialism to eat away at its soul. Something has got to give.

Its literally a white sports top with an England badge on. Costs about £2 pound tops to make in some sweatshop in the east.

Read Joey Barton’s tweets criticising the marketing of England’s new kit below.