Joey Barton claims Sir Alex Ferguson “couldn’t coach” [The best Tweets]

Joey Barton’s comments at the Leaders Sport Summit on Thursday caused much debate.

Very few of us could disagree with his assessment of the England team but his comments about legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson do open up a wider debate.

Barton said: “We rate managers but we don’t rate coaches in this country. I don’t mean to disrespect Sir Alex Ferguson – he was a great manager but he couldn’t put on a coaching session to save his life. He couldn’t even put out the cones. There is a big difference between a coach and a manager.”

Are people in England unable to differentiate between a coach and a manager?

Does this explain the lack of coaches in England, as compared to say Germany and Spain?

Has the obsession with Football Manager, transfer gossip and Fantasy Football clouded people’s judgement in how players can be coached?

Or, is Joey Barton just mouthing off again with no real discernible understanding of what he is talking about.

The best Tweets on Joey Barton saying Sir Alex Ferguson “couldn’t coach” are below.