Joey Barton calls Alex Ferguson a “busy c*nt” for lurking over David Moyes at every United game [Tweets]

Joey Barton has had a rant at Fergie in the past – saying he couldn’t coach to save his life (!), but this time he’s probably called it spot on, even if the tone and needless insult are out of order.

The perennial polemicist had a pop at Fergie for his continued presence at Old Trafford, calling him a ‘busy cunt’ for refusing to go away and leave David Moyes to get on with the job.

It’s a theme being discussed by many at the moment, with Ferguson’s continued presence being compared to Busby and Shankly after their respective retirements, but as ever Barton is the first to really ‘call it as it is’.

Sure enough, Fergie was in situ at Sunderland to watch Moyes’ boys go down in the Capital One Cup, and Barton felt the need to call his presence into question.

Barton likened him to the Grim Reaper lurking in the shadows, adding that he feels sorry for Moyes for inheriting a dynasty in decline (a nice turn of phrase that for once wasn’t copied and pasted).