Jimmy Bullard decides free-kick duties with Rock Paper Scissors (Ipswich-Coventry)

“Its a waste of time me doing free-kicks and corners if they just want to do their own thing.” Ipswich manager Paul Jewel.

Ipswich produced their best performance of the season on Monday night with a 3-0 win over Coventry in the Championship.

Midfield playmaker and funny man Jimmy Bullard did not get on the scoresheet but had a key role to play prompting from the middle of the park.

During the Championship encounter, a brilliant 3rd Eye was spotted as Jimmy Bullard and Keith Andrews showed off a novel way to decide who would take free-kicks.

Bullard and Andrews could clearly be seen playing “Rock Papers Scissors” to decide who should have a strike on goal and on the footage below it appears that the former Hull midfielder won out thanks to “Rock.”

Footage of Jimmy Bullard and Keith Andrews deciding free-kick duties with “Rock Paper Scissors” can be seen here.

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