Jesus Christ! The Pope almost has as many football shirts as Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Lion’s crown as king of the football shirt collection is starting to come under attack from The Pope.

Quickly after the new Papal was appointed the head of the church, news began to spread that Pope Francis is a big football fan.

It didn’t take long for pictures of Pope Francis’ San Lorenzo membership card to get circulated, and ever since a trend has been developing that the favourite gift to give the Pope is a football shirt.

In just the last ten days alone, the Pope’s soccer shirt collection has swelled considerably.

Pope Francis has collected a Spanish jersey from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, he received a signed Lionel Messi Barcelona shirt via a priest messenger, and now, after meeting Argentine footballing legend Javier Zanetti on Thursday, the Pope has an Inter Milan top.

Catholics can only hope that Pope Francis is slightly more picky when it comes to backing a religion than he seems to be when it comes to supporting a football team.

Pictures of Pope Francis’ ever swelling football jersey collection can be seen below.