Jérémy Mathieu’s Barcelona presentation: ‘I like to play, not just defend’ [Video]

Jeremy Mathieu was officially unveiled to the media today, giving his first press conference as a Barcelona player, signing yesterday from Valencia for 20 million euros.

The Frenchman has been signed primarily as a centre-half, though a big factor in bringing him in is his versatility, having played most of his career at left-full back.

Mathieu’s presentation was a relatively low-key affair, with many off-topic questions directed at sporting director Zubizarreta, Mathieu responding pretty simply in Spanish to questions asked.

The Frenchman said a big reason behind his desire to play for Barcelona is his long-held admiration for the club’s football style, saying that he likes to play, and not just defend, both attributes being necessary for Barcelona’s style of play.

Watch the English video above, and original non-dubbed Spanish one below.