Jens Lehmann is the boy who cried wolf

Hats off to Football365’s Mediawatch, for sticking the proverbial boot into former Arsenal and now Stuttgart goalie, after the whinging German complained at the weekend over an Eintracht Frankfurt player who allegedly faked an injury.

Jens spluttered, “There was a situation in which a Frankfurt player feigned an injury so we could not launch a counter-attack. The referee said he had to stop play for the injury and then the man stands up and doesn’t even leave the field to be treated. I told the referee, ‘Look! There he goes!’ and he shows me a yellow card – incredible. That was so bad that I may as well not bother playing in future. I did not even say anything nasty to the referee. Surely there are better ones. I am sorry, but things cannot go on like this.”

Mediawatch quickly went on the offensive, showing “Mad Jens” to hardly be whiter than white himself, have a back-catalogue of misdemeanors in the area of faking injury.

Exhibit A can be seen here, while exhibit B shows cheating personified from the shot-stopper.