Javier Zanetti’s incredible run & Marco Materazzi’s ice-cold prank (Inter Milan – Palermo)

On Sunday night Inter Milan beat Palermo 3-1 to claim the Coppa Italia, and we have two excellent clips from the final for you to enjoy.

Firstly we focus on legendary Nerazzurri defender and Inter captain Javier Zanetti.

With his side 2-nil up in the final as the match entered its final stages, the 37-year-old Argentine full-back showed off his incredible talent and fitness by embarking on a 60-yard solo dash that left the Sicilians chasing his shadow.

Enjoy Zanetti’s age-defying run.

Following Inter’s victory, Marco Materazzi then propelled himself into the spotlight.

With the Italian broadcasters taking a leaf out of the ESPN handbook by placing their TV anchors pitchside, a sneaky Materazzi crept up on the unsuspecting pair of Paolo Ferrari and Giampiero Galeazzi and doused them with an ice-cold shower.

Watch Materazzi’s prank here.

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