Javier Hernandez retweets a Sky Sports story about him potentially leaving Manchester United

What does a retweet mean?

Manchester United were put on high alert on Sunday when Javier Hernandez retweeted a Sky Sports story suggesting the Mexican could leave Old Trafford.

The Sky story reported that Chicharito will be forced to reconsider his future at Manchester United if the striker fails to lock down a starting berth for David Moyes.

Hernandez’s international teammate Carlos Vela offered the substance to the article, being quoted saying:

Javier is my good friend – and I hope he gets lots of chances this season at Manchester United… If he plays regularly he will score, so I don’t totally understand why a player of his quality has not played more games. If he doesn’t play regularly he will need to think about leaving.

Chicharito retweeted the story to this 2.5 million followers on Twitter, and many have taken that as a sign that the Mexican is giving credibility to the rumour he may walk out of Manchester.

A screengrab of Javier Hernandez’s retweet is below.