Japanese goalie Eiji Kawashima subjected to unsavoury Fukushima disaster chants (Lierse – Germinal Beerschot)

“I can pass on many things, but not that. This is not funny. Using the drama of Fukushima in this manner is not at all funny.” - Eiji Kawashima.


Japanese goalie Eiji Kawashima halted Friday night’s top flight match in Belgium after the keeper refused to ignore bad-taste chants from the away supporters.

As the Lierse number one stood in front of the Germinal Beerschot fans in the second half, the visiting fans began shouting “Kawashima-Fukushima!” Moreover, the custodian was subjected to the threat of physical abuse as a missile was hurled in his direction.

Unsurprisingly Kawashima had no sense of humour when it came to a disaster that left more than 20,000 of his countrymen dead or missing, while another 100,000 people were displaced due to the nuclear reactor issues.

Kawashima had the match halted as he liased with the referee about the taunts. Moreover, at the full time whistle Kawashima exited the pitch in tears saying he could forgive many insults “but not this.”

Watch footage of the abuse suffered by Eiji Kawashima here.

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