Carragher’s 1st Daily Mail column: Suarez too good for Liverpool & Arsenal

In addition to Jamie Carragher’s joining of the Sky punditry team alongside old foe Gary Neville, the recently retired Scouse defender will also be putting pen to paper for the Daily Mail.

Carra’s maiden column hits the press this morning, and Pool fans may be a little disappointed with his brutal honesty, though no one can deny he’s patently speaking the truth.

Carra  begins his journalistic career with an emphatic intro:

”Luis Suarez is too good for Liverpool. 

He is one of the top players in the world, whereas Liverpool were only the seventh best team in England last season.

His talents are greater than the stage on which he plays. Not only does he deserve to play in the Champions League, he should be winning it.

Luis Suarez is also too good for Arsenal. In recent years, they haven’t challenged for trophies; they have not made an impact in the Champions League and they are no closer to winning the Premier League.”

Carra’s full Daily Mail column can be read here