Jamie Carragher trolls Steven Gerrard with superb Instagram post (Picture)

gerrard and carragher

Jamie Carragher is a pretty funny bloke. The Liverpool legend is social media savvy and delights followers on Twitter and Instagram with his often self-deprecating banter.

Last night he targeted his former teammate Steven Gerrard with a post that had followers cracking up, slapping their knees and waving their arms in a gesture that implored people to come over and take a gander.

Gerrard was recently on the promotion circuit to sell his new book, simply titled My Story. The midfielder opens up about topics like that slip and feeling neglected by Rafa Benitez.

Even Gerrard would probably acknowledge that his autobiography won’t be called a classic in twenty years time, so this bit of trolling from his mate Carragher should make him chuckle.

With his son James apparently suffering mild symptoms of insomnia, Carragher had the perfect tonic, writing: “James has been struggling to sleep of late…..only one thing to cure that!”

See what he was talking about in the picture below, folks. Spoiler alert: It was Gerrard’s book.

James has been struggling to sleep of late…..only one thing to cure that!

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