Jamie Carragher laughs about watching Man United lose games alongside Gary Neville [Video]

They may have hung up their boots and collectively picked up their electronic punditry pens, however Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville remain historic football rivals due their long careers with Liverpool and Manchester United respectively.

The rival tribalism between Sky Sports’ two leading pundit was in clear evidence on Monday Night Football as Carragher described his feelings at having watched Manchester United lose a handful of matches alongside the Neviller in recent weeks.

Carragher revelled in United’s recent defeats in the cups commenting:

[United] have lost a couple of cup games. Three in a row. I was quite fortunate to watch those games with Gary, didn’t we. We lost them together. We don’t usually get that opportunity! You can’t buy moments like that!

Watch ex-Liverpool man Jamie Carragher laugh at the expense of Gary Neville below.