ITV screw up again! Interrupt extra-time of Real Madrid v Bayern Munich

“A technical fault in extra-time resulted in a brief break in transmission for some viewers in the south east, for which we apologise.” – ITV statement following Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League second leg.

For ITV, the saddest part of their latest cock-up is that we have been here before and it is truly trying for the British public to trust a broadcaster who appears unable to even do the simplest things.

In 2009, ITV missed Dan Gosling’s extra-time winner for Everton against Liverpool in the FA Cup whilst most famously viewers of their HD coverage missed Steven Gerrard’s goal for England against the USA at the 2010 World Cup.

Last night, during the Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final second leg, ITV once again cocked up. At least viewers didn’t miss a goal though!

In the 98th minute, ITV moved from the game to showing a newsreader, Mark Austin, doing his jacket up for a few seconds.

Predictably the social networks erupted in fury and questioned whether ITV should cover such high-profile football.

ITV’s latest cock-up can be seen here.