ITV make a half-hearted attempt to say sorry

ITV used their Thursday evening news broadcast to interview the company’s Executive Chairman, Michael Grade, about the TV commercials which interrupted last night’s Everton-Liverpool FA Cup match just at the point when Dan Gosling scored the 119th minute winner.

The setting could not have been any softer unless the studio was wrapped in cotton wool.

Facing the useless twosome of Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale, Stewart began by introducing Grade with the footnote “who is a big football fan himself.” Wow. I liked him already.

And then came the moment of truth. The tough question.

Stewart: “Was this a shambles?”

Taking his cue right on mark, the lovable Grade then agreed with his questioneer, agreeing it was a shambles but also that “it wasn’t deliberate, it wasn’t a commercial decision, it was a cock-up.” Admitting no culprit was likely to be found for the failure Grade then allowed himself to enter into a self-righteous waffle that ended with the pompous remark “we know how to manage these things.”

Well, obvious you don’t.

So what wasn’t said? Just once simple word. Sorry. Not once.

See Michael Grade’s half-assed apology here.