It’s all off! Ronaldinho has left Besiktas in the lurch, signs news contract with Atletico Mineiro

In real-life equivalent, this is football’s version of leaving someone at the altar.

Just as it all seemed to be done and dusted on Ronaldinho’s move to Besiktas, the buck-toothed Malandro has left the Turks in the lurch, opting instead to renew his contract with Atletico Mineiro.

The curveball was announced by Atletico Mineiro President Alexandre Kalil on Twitter, succinttly tweeting

”The fans are annoying but the guy loves them. He’s re-signed!”

Though a bit of a cryptic tweet which doesn’t specifically name Ronaldinho, it’s been agreed by consensus that Kalil was clearly referring to Ronaldinho’s situation.

So what was it all about? Did Ronnie just use Besiktas as a patsy to wean a better contract out of Galo?