It’s all about being 1st! Norwegian TV use ladders to spy on Carlos Tevez’s return for Man City

This is the footage that proves “finished” doen’t necessarily mean finished.

Five months to the day after Carlos Tevez refused to play in Manchester City’s fateful Champions League match at Bayern Munich, the Argentine today wore the Citizens’ shirt for the first time in a reserve match against Preston at Carrington.

To recap, after his public refusal to come off the bench in Germany, coach Roberto Mancini said “If I have my way he will be out. He’s finished with me. If we want to improve as a team Carlos can’t play with us. With me, he is finished.”

After 159 days of accusation, counter-accusation and a load of hot air in between, finally Tevez apologised for his behaviour last weekend and his re-inclusion in the City has come forthwith.

Looking like he’d piled on some extra pounds in his time away from the game, a tubby-ish Tevez started the match against North End and managed a forty-five minutes before coming off at the break.

Such is his star appeal in Argentina and around the world, footage has emerged on Tuesday afternoon from Nowegian TV outlet 2 Sporten showing the first clips of Tevez back in a Man City strip. Comicly though, with the City-Preston match having been played behind closed doors, the crafty Scandivanians used ladders and long range cameras to catch the first snaps of the forward.

Watch 2 Sportens report on Carlos Tevez’s return here.

Longer highlights of Carlos Tevez’s Manchester City comeback v Preston.