Italian TV pokes fun at David Beckham

After all the noise surrounding David Beckham’s loan move to AC Milan, yesterday Goldenballs was finally rolled out in front of the Rossoneri just before kick-off with Udinese with the most of the audience turning their noses up at arguably the most famous footballer of his generation.

With his tongue firmly placed up against his cheek, a sly Italian presenter commented on Beckham’s unveiling at the San Siro, mocking the event while focusing in on a variety of reactions from the crowd.

The cameras first rolled around the ground looking for excited women who have come to see the “great” Beckham, with the presenter sarcastically commenting “”Look, here he is!” when the footage fixed on their new number 32.

The footage continued, capturing Beckham returning to the stands and sitting next to wife Victoria, with the commentator again interjecting with his observation “Ah, what a perfect English family.” Cue the quick shift to a fan found swearing at El Becks.

The report finishes with another pan through the stands and the presenter puts famous names to ordinary faces. There is a random black guy selling food on the terraces who the presenter comments, “Oh, look it’s Momo Sissoko!” Then there is a fat kid who he calls Ronaldo, a small child who, for some reason, is likened to Carlo Ancelotti and then a long haired guy who they call Luciano Ligabue – the Italian Bruce Springsteen.

See the report from Italian TV here.