Video & Pictures: The Italian national team visit Auschwitz ahead of Euro 2012

The Azzurri are the latest national side who have visited Auschwitz ahead of Euro 2012.

All the members of the Italian squad went to the Nazi concentration camp on Tuesday. The likes of Antonio Cassano, Mario Balotelli and Gigi Buffon were all filmed acutely listening to the stories of Holocaust survivors who came to speak to the footballers at the death camp.

Watch video of the Italian squad’s tour of Auschwitz here.

Other Euro 2012 participants have also paid their respects to the victims of the Holocaust ahead of this summer’s tournament in Poland.

The Dutch national team also visited Auschwitz on Tuesday along with the Italians.

Moreover, the German national team visited Auschwitz on a rainy Friday last week, while the England football team invited Holocaust survivors to educate them last week also.

More pictures of the Italian national team’s visit Auschwitz can be seen below the fold.