Italian legend Gennaro Gattuso hands out a yellow card to Rapha Nuzzolo (Young Boys 3 – Sion 1)

Italian legend Gennaro Gattuso is still playing in Switzerland’s top division and continues with his mad cap ways, as is illustrated by the video below.

On Sunday, Gattuso and his Sion team mates travelled to Young Boys where they were soundly beaten 3-1, despite taking an early lead.

With 8 minutes to go, and Sion 2-1 down, Xavier Margairaz was brought down during an acceleration across the middle of the park by Rapha Nuzzolo.

It was a clear foul and referee Nikolaj Hanni was going to show the yellow anyway but Gattuso cheekily gets involved and flashes the booking to the Young Boys midfielder.

Nuzzolo would have the last laugh though as he scored the late third goal to seal the Young Boys win. Video of Gattuso handing out a yellow card below.

Unlike the famous incident of Paul Gascoigne at Rangers (where he flashed a yellow at the referee and got booked) Gattuso got away scott free for using the official’s card.

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