Italian adult star Sara Tommasi becomes a football director, she’s dated Mario Balotelli & Ronaldinho

34-year-old Sara Tommasi is the newest football director in Italy.

Tommasi is a well-known Italian celebrity, who has appeared nude on camera on several occasions, and she’s also starred in hardcore adult movies.

She’s also previously dated Brazilian star Ronaldinho, as well as current Liverpool player (now on loan with AC Milan), Mario Balotelli.

Tommasi is also a friend of Silvio Berlusconi who attended his famous Bunga Bunga private parties. The Italian model has previously revealed how the former Italian PM gave her compliments:

He was very impressed with me and my looks. He said I had beauty and intelligence, I should go into politics. He said it would be a steady wage.

Silvio is always willing to help people. But I told him I just wanted to be an actress.

Returning to the present, Sara Tommasi has now become the director of lower league Italian club Marruvium.

The club are only an amateur outfit, but by adding Tommasi to their team they’ve undoubtedly raised their profile.

A picture of the understated signing ceremony is below, together with other photos of Tommasi.