Is this the fastest pitch invader of all-time?

Perhaps this video has been slightly sped up to increase effect, but incredible footage of arguably the fastest pitch invader ever has now emerged from the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Zenit St. Petersburg last Wednesday night.

Accompanied by terrific commentary from the Spanish commentators, the clip begins with the camera focusing in on an escaped pitch invader, who somehow managed to avoid the grip of two blacked-out security guards, who themselves were left comically sprawled on the floor empty-handed.

Off like a shot, the pitch invader went off on a slalom run just as bit as impressive as Theo Walcott at full speed, with the main difference being that on this occasion the man at the centre of the action faced a series of rugby, rather than football tackles. But with the extra risks was served much higher entertainment.

With his head down and motoring, the Usain Bolt of the pitch invader world evaded an amazing seven lunges at him from various security officials, on each occasion just managing to sneak past their advances to avoid capture. The fan eventually made it to the other end of the pitch where he jumped over the advertising hoarding to celebrations of “Goooool!” from the commentators.

Panning to the stands, the crowds were seen clapping and cheering the intruder as a wave of excitement fell on the Bernabeu, however the matter ended on a sour note for the fan when the authorities finally got their numerous hands on him before carting him off for his punishment.

Watch the lightening fast pitch invader here.