Is this the cheekiest penalty of all-time? Hisato Sato (Sanfrecce Hiroshima) vs Shimizu S-Pulse

Tactics over how to take the best penalty vary. In South America they are very found of the paradinha penalty (see here), while in Europe we have seen several occasions (most famously with the Henry & Pires cock-up) where teams conjure up special penalty routines in an effort to flummox the opposing goalie.

Over in Japan last week, though, something brand new was created as Sanfrecce Hiroshima scored a remarkable spot-kick against Shimizu S-Pulse in the opening round of the new J-League season.

Having been awarded a penalty, Sanfrecce’s Tomoaki Makino was in position to take his strike from 12-yards having gently placed the ball on the spot. But to everyone’s surprise, including the cameraman, Sanfrecce had a new tactic up their sleeve as team-mate Hisato Sato raced in from the side to surprise the Shimizu keeper and whack the ball into the net.

Although questionable whether it was a legal tactic, the penalty stood and the match ended 1-all.

Hisato Sato’s brilliantly inventive penalty can be seen here.