Is this the best streak ever?

Saturday’s Conference match between York City and Grays Athletic was interrupted with a dose of classic lower league British humour, as a streaker invaded the pitch, running about happy-as-larry for a minute or two, before eventually retiring back to the stands.

In the politically correct charged society that football now operates itself in, capturing footage a streaker in the buff is a rarity. All the major TV networks abide to the policy of refusing to broadcast streakers so as to not glorify the habit. Happily, no such etiquette appears to be in practice in the non-leagues, and with the unknown man in question appeared to just be looking to have fun, and with the crowd goading him on, a laugh was had by all.

Perhaps the biggest question that comes to mind when watching the video is where was the security whose job it is to prevent and stop such occurrences happening. The lack of the chase seemed to catch everyone off guard, with the streaker clearly tiring after his brief job around the pitch.

More than the streaker though, the crowd made light of the situation by chanting “Streaker, give us a wave, streaker streaker, give us a wave.”

Watch the funny streak here.

(Credit to The Spoiler)